Welcome to Charlestown

The Charlestown Owners Association was conceived as a community of townhouses designed to reflect a traditional colonial atmosphere. The random variations in house styles and architectural detail, the setback effect and the placement of units within the community were studiously considered to eliminate the look of “sameness” common to city row-houses and so many suburban housing developments. This concept has been successful, for the general appearance of Charlestown has attracted many buyers and has had numerous imitators in the area since the first unit was completed in late 1966.

The Charlestown Owners Association exercises some measure of control over the community to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the original concept and to ensure continuance of a well-kept appearance.

The Charlestown Owners Association has developed this website to provide all owners and residents with a more convenient way of obtaining important information about the community. We encourage you to register with the website to access additional information or provide your email address to the site office to be added to the e-mail distribution list for important community announcements. Please feel free to explore the site often. If you are a resident of Charlestown, please click the Resident Sign In button to access the Resident Portal.