Architectural Modifications

Architectural Committee Meeting minutes are available within the resident portal.


If you are considering any improvements, replacements or other changes to the appearance of the exterior of your home or yard, you must obtain prior approval of the Association. The Association will consider reasonable requests for changes which do not adversely affect the visual character of Charlestown or negatively impact the Association’s Common Grounds or impede maintenance of COA-maintained elements.

Please carefully review the Association’s Architectural Regulations and Resolutions before planning an alteration. If you have any questions regarding the COA’s Architectural regulations, you may read about them under Documents>Governing Documents>BYLAWS or under Documents>Architectural Information>Article XXIII.

The request for Association approval should demonstrate that the proposed change will comply with the Association’s Bylaws and must include a description of the location, nature, kind, shape, size and materials to be used, as well as an illustration. *Please do not request that the Architectural Committee view items online.

A completed Request for Architectural Approval form, must accompany the request. Any additional descriptions and required documentation may be attached to this form. The form may be found under Documents>Architectural>Cover Sheet – Request for Approval Form.

Please submit completed Request for Approval forms and required supporting documentation to the site office at 8533 Lakinhurst Lane, Springfield, VA 22152. If all required information may be sent via email, you may submit your request to