COVID Information

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COVID Information

Cardinal Management continues to maintain operating hours and management activities at Charlestown with the primary concerns being the safety and well-being of employees and residents, as well as critical continuity delivering essential and ongoing services to the community.

Community services will continue under the following conditions: The site office is closed to walk-in visitors until further notice for the purpose of social distancing. * The Office Manager will be working remotely. *Staff are available to assist you by telephone (703-569-1959) or via email at as usual.

Maintenance workers will continue outdoor activity, keeping a safe distance from residents and from each other. Please do not request to personally speak to our maintenance staff. Any information that you need to convey to them may be emailed to the COA office conveyed by phone. 

COVID-19 in Fairfax County – Read about county actions and information for residents from Jeffrey McKay, Supervisor in the Corona Virus folder under the Documents tab.