Home Repairs

Sewer Line, Water Line and Other Repair Programs Available to All Owners from Dominion Virginia Power

Over the past several years, some owners have had to deal with failures of their sewer, water, or electrical lines (in most cases due to normal aging over time) and the resultant large expenses.

Owners are responsible for: sewer lines from the street to their home (which can be many feet and may go under their brick patio walls if in the rear of the house); water lines from the meter to their homes (which can be a few inches or many feet out to the curb); electrical lines from the distribution terminals at one end of the building to their home).

In case of breaks in these portions of the lines owners have had to pay out of pocket to replace their broken sewer, water, or electrical lines and in cases where the contractors broke through and destroyed or severely damaged the patio walls – to repair/replace the brick wall.

The Architectural Committee and the Board of Directors want to inform all owners that Dominion Virginia Power Repair Programs are available to owners that use Dominion’s services, for small monthly fees. For more information on what each Repair Program covers please go to the company website at www.dom.com. At the bottom of the page you will find the site index. Select “Home Repair Programs” under the heading “Products.”

You may also call Dominion to order these products.

Exterior Lines and Repair Programs:
  • Sewer Line Repair Program has a $5.25 monthly fee 1-866-535-9519
  • Water Line Replacement Program had a $4.50 monthly fee as of last year 1-866-645-9810
Interior Repair Programs:
  • In-Home Electric Line Repair Program 1-866-328-8651
  • In-Home Plumbing Repair Program 1-866-293-5666
  • Heating and Cooling Repair Program 1-866-803-0131
  • In-Home Gas Line Repair Program 1-866-894-2572
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement Program 1-888-370-4446
  • Surge HELP 1-866-803-0132