The Association maintains insurance policies on the common elements and grounds. The individual homeowner is responsible for insuring personal property in his/her home and elsewhere on the grounds. The insurance company of your choice can explain about any insurance available to homeowners such as HO-6 homeowners’ policy.  Homeowners are encouraged to seek independent recommendations from qualified brokers concerning insurance that they should maintain to protect their interests.

Insurance Agent for Charlestown

The Association’s insurance agent is Griffin Owens Insurance Specialists. Your mortgage company may send you a notice requesting proof of Master Insurance coverage at year’s end, the renewal date of the insurance policy, or the anniversary date of your mortgage. You may also need this information for refinancing and other financial transactions. You can obtain this proof by requesting a Certificate of Insurance from Griffin Owens: or 703-471-0050.  Click on Contact Management to request complete information concerning the coverage maintained by the Association or to report any damage to your unit.