Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch involves a cooperative effort between the citizens of Fairfax County and law enforcement. It is a volunteer citizen program of mutual assistance among neighbors aimed at reducing crime in our neighborhood at the grass roots level. It succeeds when neighbors get to know neighbors, are alert to the potential of crime, and have a willing to look out for each other’s interest. Crime hurts the entire neighborhood. Areas with an active Neighborhood Watch Program report dramatic reductions in crime. Charlestown’s Neighborhood Watch is designed to build strong neighborhood involvement and neighborhood unity to deter crime. The only requirements for Neighborhood Watch are:

  • Participants must be alert, and willing to keep an eye on their neighborhood.
  • Willingness to report suspicious activity to law enforcement.
  • Willingness to learn how they can make their homes more secure.
  • Willingness to attend a 1-hour training program hosted by Fairfax County Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch Coordinator.
  • Consider volunteering for active neighborhood patrols 1 or 2 weeks each year. We need at least 30 volunteers to restart active neighborhood patrolling.

Contact the Site Office if you are interested in volunteering for Charlestown’s Neighborhood Watch program. We also request former Neighborhood Watch volunteers check in so we can gauge the neighborhood’s level of interest and update the roster.

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