Parking and Vehicle Policies

During all snow events we request that Charlestown residents please park in their assigned parking spots. This will assist in the Association’s snow removal efforts. Thank you!

The COA is a Community Parking District (CPD)

Fairfax County has erected the signs for the Cardinal Forest CPD (which includes Charlestown) on the county maintained streets in our area: Forrester Boulevard, Carrleigh Parkway, Queenston Street and Seabright and Wickham Roads. The police will now begin enforcement.

Within the CPD parking is prohibited for: watercraft, trailers, and motor homes, vehicles with more than three axles, vehicles carrying more than 16 passengers, and vehicles of greater than 12,000 pounds weight.

Parking on Charlestown Owner’s Association (COA) maintained streets and parking areas is restricted to a similar and in some cases to an even greater degree. See Part IV, Vehicle Parking, of Article XXIV-Traffic Regulations of the COA by-laws (pages 37-39).  In addition to the county CPD restrictions the following COA by-law restrictions are quoted for your information and use:

“B. Certain recreation vehicles (see Figures 8-1 through 8-4, Appendix, Page A-6.) may be parked in assigned parking spaces.  Parking of these vehicles in any area other than an assigned parking space is not permitted. These vehicles include:

Self-propelled living accommodation vehicles (Figure 8-1 & Figure 8-2) that:

  • Can be parked within the nine feet wide assigned parking space; and
  • Do not exceed 23 feet (23′) in overall length.
  • Tent campers/tent trailers in the collapsed position (Figure 8-3).

“C. Parking of vehicles described below or under conditions cited below is not permitted anywhere in Charlestown parking lots or private streets:

  • Commercially licensed vehicles, including vans, or any vehicle with commercial advertisement or equipment (e.g., ladders, etc).
  • Exemptions for vehicles of van size or smaller, which are used for business purposes (where the vehicle is the only means or transportation for the homeowner), must be requested in writing from the Parking Chairperson.  These vehicles must park in “assigned spaces” only.
  • Travel trailers (Figure 8-4), unmounted camping bodies for truck mounted campers, boats and boat trailers.
  • Any unlicensed, abandoned or blocked vehicle undergoing extensive repairs or which is not legally operable on the highways of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Vehicles without a valid state inspection sticker or current Fairfax County tax sticker.
  • Vehicles without a valid state license for the current year.
  • Vehicles in non-drivable condition regardless of the display of a valid state license, state inspection sticker, or current Fairfax County tax sticker.”

Parking is also not permitted within 20 feet of any intersection or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or by a YELLOW painted curb or in any area marked by NO PARKING signs. Your cooperation with all of these parking restrictions is appreciated.