A pet owner is responsible for ensuring that his/her pet is not a danger or nuisance to other residents. This means that dogs must be leashed and under control when in common areas. Pets may also not be left unattended outside the unit at any time, whether tethered or not. Pets may not be attached in any manner to stationary objects outside including railings, decks or trees.

Pet owners must also clean up after their pet. Any and all excrement must be removed from the common elements to avoid creating a health hazard. Failing to clean up after your pet or allowing it to run loose, howl, or bark constitutes a nuisance and is a violation of Association rules and county ordinances. Pet owners are liable for the cost or repair and/or maintenance of the common elements caused by the presence of their pet(s).

The breeding, boarding, or raising of animals, livestock, or poultry is prohibited.

All pets should wear a current license and have a current rabies vaccination.