Selling and Leasing Units

Leasing a Home

Leasing your home may increase your responsibilities as an owner. Any leased home must contain a clause in the rental agreement or lease requiring the tenant to observe the rules and regulations of the Association. Responsibility for conformance with the governing documents, and the rules and regulations lies ultimately with the homeowner, although the Association may also pursue enforcement action against the tenant. Owners must provide the Association with all contact information regarding their tenants and must update this information annually with the Association. 

Selling a Home

Under the Virginia Property Owners Act, owners are required to provide certain information to the prospective purchaser of a home upon resale. Cardinal Management Group uses an independent vendor to provide resale documents to homeowners.  To order resale documents go to and click on ‘Resale Docs.’  Please note that there is a charge for obtaining these documents. Charges vary according to what kind of information is requested and the manner in which you choose to receive it.

Any delinquent assessments due to the Association must be paid before ownership is transferred. 

Real Estate Signage on Charlestown Property

COA rules for the display of realty signs.

  1. The sign may not exceed three (3) feet in height from the ground.
  2. Signs must be of the type secured to the ground with thin metal spikes. Signs hung from tall, wooden posts are not permitted.
  3. Only one (1) sign placed in front of the property is permitted. 
  4. Signs must be removed within ten (10) days after the posting of a “sold” sign on the property. 
  5. Open House directional signs are permitted only on the day of the Open House and must be removed immediately after the Open House. The COA will remove any Open House signs that are left on the property after the Open House.